Safety Leadership & Culture

Safety leadership is vital in high-hazard operations, where the potential for catastrophic failure is ever-present. Leaders cannot rely on rules, compliance and workers’ vigilance to prevent serious incidents. Rather, they must have a deep understanding of systemic risk and how their own behaviours and decisions as leaders shape the all-important safety culture of the organisation.

In today’s workplace, management commitment to safety is crucial. By working with our clients to learn lessons from major accidents, together we undergo a journey to achieve safe and reliable operations.

Experience tells us that if mantras such as ‘no accidents’, ‘zero harm’ and ‘injury free’ are to become more than a well-intended aspiration, then the lessons learned from major accidents need to be applied. It is also key that such mantras are entrenched within the corporate culture and formally reflected within policies and procedures.

Our outstanding track record in working with major international companies across a breadth of industries has helped organisations build sustainable excellence in safety culture and leadership.

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