About us

At Lloydmasters we like to think that we are not archetypal consultants who produce lengthy reports, use buzz words or confusing management speak.

Established over 30 years ago, we are a leading transformation consultancy. Working with SMEs and some 250 FTSE organisations, our global footprint means we service clients across a myriad of sectors, delivering first class skills and expertise to make a positive difference. Our reputation for success in the oil and gas, construction and transport sectors speaks volumes.

We work collaboratively with clients, challenging the status quo and providing original thinking. We aim to add real value in all that we do so that clients feel inspired and stretched.

In order to deliver our promise, we have to be experienced with an unswerving commitment to deliver tangible results, every time. All our consultants bring real depth of knowledge and an understanding of client needs. Clients frequently tell us that Lloydmasters is the first choice for:

The provision of expertise and/or viewpoint

The provision of resources where needed

Helping to persuade key stakeholders and provide evidence

Developing teams and individuals

Lloydmasters only employs innovative consultants who bring a new dimension to the work we do. We don’t have big teams of consultants with layers of hierarchy. Who you see is always who you get. Today, Lloydmasters upholds the same ethos it did 25 years ago. We are serious about our business and we are serious about our clients.

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How we work

At Lloydmasters we see our clients as business partners, working in collaboration to make a positive difference and unlocking the talents of people who make things happen. We inspire and coach teams to thrive in the workplace so they share one common set of values that resonates with their peer groups and leaders.Our team of professionals offer limitless insight and experience to ensure Lloydmasters is well placed to manage projects, lead events, develop and deliver bespoke training or facilitate seminars and workshops.

With no obligation, please feel free to call us for an initial meeting, a diagnosis or a survey.

"I chose Lloydmasters from their
experiences with other projects, and
their very good results with them"

BP Vice President, Operations

Where we work

Lloydmasters is a UK-based firm, operating through a long established business and international network. During the past 25 years the organisation has worked in more than 28 countries across major global territories such as EMEA, the Americas, Australasia and the Pacific Rim.

Throughout its history, Lloydmasters has built a deep understanding of different cultures, markets and issues. The organisation is sensitive to how different jurisdictions operate and appreciates the cultural nuances of communities around the world.

Over the last 25 years we have worked in more than 40 countries

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