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Safety + Risk In the time of COVID-19

The Challenge

The Coronavirus pandemic will impact both the nature of our on-site safety conversations and the methods we use to learn the skills for conducting those conversations. At the same time, the normal risks of working in a high-hazard environment have not gone away. There are still dangers inherent in the work carried out in all operational settings, plants and sites. Indeed, the risks may have subtly shifted as organisations adapt by working with fewer personnel on the ground and by introducing social distancing. In this changing world it is vital that we manage the twin challenges of maintaining the health of our people while guarding against the kind of safety incident that can, in our work environment, all too easily result in high potential incidents. These challenges cannot be met without genuine, visible leadership which is deeply sensitive to the changing risks of the operation and which makes informed and thoughtful decisions about how to manage those risks. This requires increased skill, empathy and understanding on the part of leaders at all levels, particularly in the way they interact with their people on the front line.

The Offer

Lloydmasters traditionally offer workshops to leaders to explore the impact of leadership behaviour and culture in driving safety performance but the current situation requires a bold replacement to these. We have developed a suite of online safety leadership tutorials – not webinars or lectures – so that we can engage with the audience, embed learning and conduct debates.

Safety Leadership Tutorials

These tutorials will specifically focus on:

  • Building the leadership skills and understanding to conduct effective site safety visits; and
  • Holding meaningful safety conversations in service of reducing or eliminating risk

They are a mix-and-match series of four 90-minute sessions, tailored to the needs, risks and operating environment of your particular organisation. Each one is designed around the specific situation you are facing and will reflect the constraints, regulations, processes, hazards and recent incidents which shape your operations. The four topics covered are: 1. Role and purpose of leadership safety visits in a changing operating environment

  • Principles of accident causation
  • Role of leader in driving safety culture and performance
  • Managing change in a hostile environment
  • Driving down risk complacency
  • Latent conditions in organisational operations and trigger events
2. The leaders’ role in building resilience against serious incidents

  • Safety culture characteristics and their impact
  • Two-triangle thinking
  • How leaders, ‘show up’ and their impact on bad news

3. The skills of genuine, collaborative conversations in service of risk reduction

  • Intent and structure of conversations
  • Style of conversations (adult-to-adult or parent-child?)
  • Skills and techniques to develop genuine conversations
  • Leadership thinking and its pitfalls – the plausibility trap

4. Learning from leadership visits and follow-up action plans

  • Addressing errors and violations
  • Learning from the reality
  • Developing sustainable actions
  • Taking the workforce with you

To ensure an interactive, engage learning experience, participation in a tutorial via Zoom is limited to five delegates. Our extensive programme of testing and piloting has revealed this to be the optimum number if the learning is to be enjoyable, relevant and effective.

Each session is a deep-dive exploration of the real challenges faced by your leaders and the discussion and illustration (via case study, best-practice exchange and video examples) of how these challenges can best be met.

Our Credentials

The tutorials bring to bear the full weight of our industry- leading expertise in the field of safety leadership and culture gained through our top-rated programmes with clients such as BP, GSK, British Airways, Network Rail, HS2, easyJet, Morgan Sindall, National Air Traffic Services and other global-leading organisations who operate in high-hazard environments. Our work is backed by collaboration with many of the world’s top academics in the field as well as through working in partnership with experts from NASA and the UK Health and Safety Executive. Our experience stretches back some 35 years. Other services to help in the current situation

  • Risk and contingency planning workshops
  • Overall readiness diagnostic for leaders
  • Organisational culture assessment for employees
  • Assessment of organisational capability
  • Lessons learned – operating in the ‘new normal’

All work can be safely carried out online, or where possible, and if relevant, in small social distancing groups in situ. Our aim is to help industry work safely and deliver outstanding performance.