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Case Study

Morgan Sindall: Construction in Aviation

The task

Lloydmasters developed the programme, Safe Together for Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure Ltd in Heathrow Airport that recently won the Heathrow Airport Safety Award.

Morgan Sindall: Construction in Aviation

Over the last 10 years a significant number of different programmes have been devised and rolled out throughout the construction industry that did not meet the standards required. The challenge faced by Morgan Sindall in Heathrow Airport was to create a brand new, highly effective behavioural safety programme that encompassed all of these different programmes in one place.

Morgan Sindall partnered with Lloydmasters to help with the challenge of providing this different approach to safety training. The focus is on real-life scenarios to encourage and arm individuals with the confidence to instigate, deliver and facilitate ‘adult to adult’ conversations – leading to an interdependent culture, working together as teams and subsequently delivering projects incident and accident free.

The programme focused not only on providing real-life scenarios but we based the upskilling on best practice and the latest academic thinking developed from our ongoing links and partnerships with leading practitioners in the field and acclaimed academic institutions such as MIT.

These components create a common language and key to this is the focus on the concept of interdependence as illustrated by Dupont’s Bradley Curve and adult to adult conversations. The participants are taught the skills to recognize styles in conversations using the transactional analysis theory and use questioning and listening to adapt and achieve positive results.

The Safe Together programme was developed following engagement with the whole supply chain, the content of the developed module was shared with the organisation and supply chain allowing amendments to be made prior to the rollout.

A series of training sessions commenced to train the cadre of trainers who would then deliver the four hour module to the workforce as a whole. Pairs of trainers then presented the module back allowing for practice, feedback and learning to ensure quality and consistency of the rollout and the key messages.

To date 32 trainers are certified to deliver the course and 252 participants from across the supply chain have attended to exceptional feedback – ‘95% of participants will do something differently as a result of attending the module.’

Following the Award Winning ‘Safe Together’ programme, lloydmasters were invited to help Morgan Sindall Aviation as they embarked on an Organisational Transformation project.

Morgan Sindall Aviation’s turnover was expected to grow from £60m to over £100m within 2 years. The organisation had grown rapidly and the organisational structures were not fit for purpose to effectively manage this growth.

Together, it was recognised that the Project Management function was the ‘engine-room’ of the business and required the initial focus. To that end, a programme of works was identified, this included:

Organisational Structure – review the current organisational structure of the entire organisation and identify the required structure for the future opportunity.

Job Role Design – identifying the key elements of the Project Management job family and identifying the skills and experience required for the individual levels.

Job Role Profiling – designing a profile to enable the organisation to identify where the individual Project Managers sat within the individual levels.

Competency Framework – creating a competency framework for the Project Management function to allow for succession planning, performance management and recruitment for the future requirements – ‘ACE – Achieving Competitive Excellence’

This project culminated in a 2 day event to roll out the above and provide the vital training required in Project Management skills to allow Morgan Sindall Aviation to be ready, confident and effective in the future.

The success of the project can be measured by the fact that the ACE competency framework and job profiles were extended to cover the entire Morgan Sindall Aviation organisation.