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Case Study


The task

Lloydmasters were asked to support a billion dollar oil platform extension project for Chevron, Captain EOR, by Wood, who were leading the work on FEED, co-locating with Chevron.


Wood wanted to rapidly develop this integrated team, aligning team members to work at the highest level across the 2 Organisations, to enhance rapid performance levels enabling the project to hit all targets.

Wood used the bespoke Goal Directed Planning process of Lloydmasters to ensure all contentious areas of the project were illuminated and discussed in detail by project members so that solutions could be developed before they caused delays and resource issues.

The high level plan produced from the discussions was used in weekly leadership meetings to track progress and head off potential roadblocks. This one page plan was also turned into a poster that is displayed in the office to highlight key milestones and dependencies through the project life cycle. The process included a second team GDP workshop which focused on developing a new plan for resource utilisation over a six month ‘downtime’ in the project, in between the different phases.

The project hit all milestones and budgets, and Chevron hailed the process as "filling in the gaps" driven by their own detailed planning process. Wood have since worked with Lloydmasters, using their propertairy Goal Directed Planning Process on 3 other projects, a recent one, again, involving Chevron.