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Specialists in issue resolution, creating change and moving things forward

Facilitation and issue resolution

Proper facilitation is both an art and a science; a science as every workshop, or meeting needs a thoughtful structure leading to a specific outcome, and an art, in the way the event is conducted. Facilitation should:

  • Move things on
  • Be challenging
  • Not always be comfortable for participants
  • Never allow the outcome to be left to chance

Lloydmasters consultants are expert facilitators. They plan, organise and run any type of meeting or workshop, regardless of size.

Systems thinking drives our philosophy and we ensure people are fully engaged, challenged and understand others viewpoints. Good dialogue is essential to a successful meeting, and a key part of the facilitator’s role is to make this happen - we are not just time managers.

We travel all over the world to facilitate meetings and workshops, and we work at all levels and nationalities. From team meetings, contingency planning, leadership meetings, disputes, to contract resolutions, alliance and partnering set-ups as well as stakeholder dialogues – we do it all. This is a core skill of Lloydmasters.