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BP tasked Lloydmasters to create and implement a team building exercise to simulate the challenges staff faced working offshore.


In response to the brief set by the BP Andrew Area Development Project, Lloydmasters mounted two local community initiatives. Both projects delivered tangible social benefits to worthwhile causes, and above all motivated BP staff in their approach to tackling the next phase of the Andrew project.

1. Managing Organisational Change

BP staff were challenged to build a produce garden on a piece of waste ground at the back of the Remploy factory. The produce would then be served in the canteen to help promote healthy eating and wellbeing, as well as selling to other social enterprise organisations.

2. Broomhill Nursery and Primary School

Lloydmasters tasked the BP team to create an outdoor classroom and wildlife garden to enhance the children’s learning experiences.


Away from their day-to-day work environment, BP staff experienced and successfully dealt with many issues within the team, which surfaced through both assignments.

The innovative team development strategy was based on experiential, interactive learning using the Deep Learning Cycle. This method of practice simulated many of the challenges the BP team would face offshore, and follows the tried and tested approach of other North Sea assets including, Clair, ETAP, Forties and Valhall in Norway.

"I chose Lloydmasters from their experiences with other projects, and their very good results with them" - BP Vice President, Operations